Our company was founded in 1979 by Ahmet Guzeloglu Guzel Kardesler  It started its first activities under the name of Metal in Kamberiye Mahallesi Kamiller Sokak NO:39. Our company renewed itself in 2005 under the name of Güzeloğlu Demirçelik Construction and established Steel Structure Factory, Hangar, Neighborhood Markets and  It continued its activities by signing livestock farm projects.
Our rapidly growing company invests in  In 2017, Demirçelik Rolling Mill, flat iron, profile  continues to grow with import and export activities in its group.
Our company has adopted the principle of providing unlimited quality service in the entire group of the iron and steel network, which has been in its sector since the day it was founded.  
Since the first day of its establishment, our company aims to maintain its position as an organization focused on customer needs and satisfaction, able to compete in the global market and open to the world.  It is among the leading companies in the iron and steel industry with a perspective that prioritizes service quality, focuses on innovations, and closely monitors world markets.
It continues its activities with its professional administrative staff, experienced employees, innovative and advanced technology. It aims to be one of the world's companies that is peaceful with the environment, has social responsibility, always aims to grow.
• Our leader and idealist identity in Iron and Steel Production and Supply sector
• Our belief in the values ??of research, innovation and competence
• Making decisions based on information and data by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology
• Our understanding of transparency with social responsibility awareness
• The importance we attach to tolerance and solidarity
• Our contribution to the country's economy, employment and respect for the environment
• Supplemental use of resources